31st Oct-happily ever after

I’m leaving Tiger in this day and i’m going to miss alot of them. I want to congrat Angela for promoting to the post of Cabin Crew-in-Charge, i am so happy for her, although regretted that we will not have anymore chance to work as a team anymore however i want to wish her all the best. I always think that hardworking people will eventually climb up and not using ‘childish’ method that makes them think that they will succeed. Yixin is leaving back to Shanghai to pursue her MBA and Sarah is leaving for good as well.

I think i leave at a good time, not too soon, not too late, just nice a year after my bond finishes. I have had experienced what i want in the aviation industry, not entirely but i’m fulfilled with what i have achieved myself and I am proud of it. I may moved on to other airlines sometime in the near future or i might just stick to a ‘down-to-earth’ job for good, I can’t tell it myself. Only time tells.

Had my last 2nd flight last night to Shenzhen with Steph, Yixin and Wundy, an enjoyable flight. The last one will be on 31st Oct to Guangzhou.  

Meeting up with Angela and Yixin tommorrow to Carousel for High-tea and shopping. I can’t wait to catch the Body Worlds exhibition at the Science Centre, they are showing the exhibits till March 2010. 

*signing off*



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02 Oct 09 Friday

made a decision days ago and yes..i done it.. not really a tough decision but at least i know im moving on. im gonna miss all the happy moments, opportunities given and the most important, the new aquainttance i have made along the way..that makes my stay worthwhile…:) muacks…:)

 03 Oct 09 Saturday

dearest and i met up with sarah and Taiwee. at Marina Square, ate our dinner at Bao Jing Tian (hong kong cafe), its is a subsidiary of Yum Cha (Fortunate Restaurant). I hate it because i didnt take any pictures, forgotten to bring my camera along..Damn it.. You should try their Har Gow (it is the biggest har gow i have ever seen) 3 pieces yet generous filling of Shrimp,for me a pot of Century egg porridge at an affordable price of $2.80, dearest had Black pepper pork chop rice at $5.80, we also ordered Char Siew chee cheong fun, Mango Prawn roll.. a nice and fulfilling dinner before we head to the cinema..

and watched Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs (3D)


the movie was great with a rating of 8.5/10, i laughed my heads off.. dearest say he is happy (i don’t know y) hearing my laughing so hard..Sarah says i laugh hysterically..haha.. but it is very funny..with his pet monkey kept saying :”gummy bear gummy bear”. although its a little pricey for 3D movies ($13 each)  but its worth it 🙂

after Taiwee left us…we headed out somewhere.

i don’t smoke, but i must say shisha was good!  went to Nasrin restaurant situated in the junction of Arab street and Baghdad Street.. with dearest, sarah and a F/O.. we had a few round of Dai Dee..and it was so fun.  no alcohols involved because they don’t sell it. Only coke and mineral water 😦 Shisha is not addictive yet i believe it suits the ladies because you can choose the flavour you want. We chose mixture of Strawberry and Grape..seems like literally we’re “smoking fruits”..we paid only $17 inclusive of drinks..for the 3 of us..:)


again we headed out to eat…Went to Simpang Bedok.. i had Mushroom steak, sarah had her Beef Fajitas, dearest had his Kebab while the F/O had his simply recommended by me Mushroom Prata with his longing for Curry Ayam .. we ate and talk along the way, from horses to fitness..haha..:) had a wonderful day i should say..:) although i had a irritated flight in the morning…funny style of working and ya…when things got stirred up, landed on the crew…:(

04 Oct 09 Sunday

Laze around at home with dearest, played with handsome ..



i always like to wrap him up like this and he likes it u know…heehee..so cute..  we always called him naughty boy.. feed him char siew bao..and he eats like no tomorrow..:) yum yum..love him to bits..

05 Oct 09 Monday (first day of work)

Macau flight..reporting at 1030.. yes we depart at like 2pm when we should depart at 1130. aircraft down but there’s nothing much we can do. Thank that food was provided to the passengers if not we will be yelled by them. not much sales in the end but im glad passengers are quite appeased. also thank that lunch was provided to us too..had secret recipe’s lunch promotion..i had beef bistro.. im glad i have nice crews that day. not forgetting bird nest egg tarts from Macau..its simply delicious.. thanks to Steph’s dear dear..heehee:) touched down into SIN like 10plus pm..:)

06 Oct 09 Tuesday (2nd day at work)

Bangkok flight..depart on time and arrived on time..:)

07 Oct 09 (3rd day at work)

Perth flight…as usual..alcohols sold out barely end of 1st sector and ice is almost gone too.. Im so glad sarah is on the same flight as me if not i don’t think i can survive it through.. as for me, i’m almost gone.. im so so tired.. yet after Perth, no SMR OFF OFF for me..it’s Phuket then OFF OFF.. i feel myself having colds already..sneezing away..:(:(

im taking Lemsip after blogging this..and head for Phuket flight…wee……………………………

what im looking forward is tomorrow because mummy is cooking..haven seen her for days although we are living together. when im back from flight. she is sleeping..whem im awake for work, she left for work…i miss her !!! so looking forward to eat what she cooks because haven’t had home-cooked food for weeks….. she will have the own programmes after that where i will meet up with Sarah in town. im intending to find some decent dress for Sandy’s wedding where sarah will be looking for her boots for work…:) shopping !!

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help me..i have so many things i want to buy..im looking forward for a new phone..kinda fed-up by my “omnia” phone now..and only now i realise i don’t like touchscreen phone as much as i do initially .. i like e71 now..in fact im in love…..although some people from my workplace seems to be holding this phone..i tried to hide my feelings for liking this phone in me..hee hee..

argh…..i don care and i want to get it soon la….help me! i really need a new phone..:( im also seriously addicted to shopping online man.. can go online like nobody business although i have early flight the next day..who knows i might just go bonkers..haha..

addicted going to Geylang serai night market..eating and shopping and walking and looking around..went with nic last saturday..he hates going there cos it so hot..but the food is good..thats why i lure him there.. he just loves the Dengdeng* there.. (*Dengdeng is something like chinese Bak Guang, its in beef..like beef patty for instance) shooping there is even cheaper than Bugis lor..there’s a stall i came across rented by a chinese, they sell all clothing at $10..their standards can compare to those in bugis junction or bugis street you know..and perfumes from another stall…….!!! got DKNY, Escada…Paris Hilton…and etc….. i did hesitate awhile to see if i should buy the perfume and hmm.. the uncle still say he can discount for me furthur if i want..so…..go there and slash price ba..:)

oh yes..nic and i went to a animal farm in pasir ris..there’s also a ”supermarket” that sells dog food and supplies..they have a dog in the shop and its freaking BIG…yes i mean BIG…like mini horse..when he stands up i think he is above my waist..will share the pictures below..and there’s this bulldog walking around him..so cute..i took a pictures with him up close..he smells me and his breathe is so heavy right into my ear..haha..love him to bits!!!

im going to sleep soon..came back from Clark flight after been activated on my 2nd SMR..weather was so bad..winds come from everywhere..head wind or…whatever you call it.. seems like a bumpy road..up and down and up and down..

*phew* thank god and glad that im sitting here right infront of my lappy now..online shopping again! 🙂

seriously..im going to sleep now..im visiting a chinese doc to kill a *snake* thats growing on my thigh..stupid..i don’t even know what’s that growing there..not itchy, not rashes..in chinese, they called in ”snake”.. they said if these so called rashes grow around and swirl around any part of your body(say your arm, legs, abdomen area or even your neck).. you will be in great danger,or maybe death… so its better to cure it in early stages. i heard my mom saying it will be painful but..by hook or by crook im going to ”tahan” it for sure..

good night people..haven’t blog quite awhile. nice saying so much..some pics for u***

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i was called up for Perth flight later..i just finished Jakarta/KL barely last night and here i am doing Perth later..:( although at soem point of time u think of the $$, its ok la..but im kinda of tired..because i have 1 more bangalore after my Perth and end of AUg.. anyway my flight hours next month is less than 80 hours.. so work harder this month while i can then..hee 🙂

i wonder what will i face during this Perth flight..shall keep u guys updated..hmm…from my previous blog i have lots of photOs to share but i seriously got no time to upload..:(

good day everyone..will be online first thing tomorrow in the morning.

bye peeps :):):)

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finally..created a ‘sister’ blog outta my previous blog. .it keeps giving me problem..i cant upload pics nor edit my settings..quite furious about it so hmm..decided to give it a change 🙂

I’m reporting to work at 1535 to Jakarta and KL today..4sectors..sign off like 2355..smsed Derick to pick me up le..:)

I’m going to get ready for work..so see u guys..:)



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